I am so excited about your wedding story...but there are a few things I would love to get to know before we begin.
✎ Let's do this!
So what's your name, stranger? *

Mine's Allie Yackel (aka Yak in HS).  Let's not be strangers for much longer.
What is your Fiance's name?

And what date are you tying the knot? *

So tell me a little about you and{{answer_61876936}} How did you meet, fall in love, decide to spend the rest of your lives together? *

Any mushy detail is welcome! And don't forget to include any furry family members you may have!
Are you planning on including your furry (or feathered) family member in your wedding or session photos?  If so, what type of animal and which session(s)?

Choose any / all animals you plan on bringing and the session types you plan on including them.

What type of wedding day coverage and session are you looking for? *

What products are you most interested in? *

Do you have any questions or concerns for me?

How excited are you to work with Veils and Tails Photography?

1 Dog = Let sleeping dogs lie
5 Dogs = Still on the couch but tail wagging
10 Dogs = Whining at the door excited, tail wagging so much it turned into a high powered fan (may have peed a little)

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